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Resilient Wellness of Texas LLC partners with social service organizations across Texas and surrounding states to provide workshops, therapy and psychological assessments for children, adolescents and parents who have been impacted by trauma, commercial sexual exploitation and labor trafficking. Services are offered in person and virtually.

Services are rooted in


Apprecition of cultural differences

Believing individuals are more than trauma victims


Strength-based approach

Seeing the worth in every individual


for adolescents

10-week workshop for individuals who have been sex trafficked

  • Identifying and practicing healthy coping skills
  • Building a support system
  • Reestablishing a relationship with self
  • Understanding behavior change
  • Contemplating getting out of the commercial sex industry
  • Adjusting to life after the commercial sex industry
  • Establishing boundaries
  • Understanding trauma
  • Hear from adults who are thriving after life in the commercial sex industry

3-hour workshop

  • How trauma complicates boundaries
  • Boundaries and self-worth
  • Different types of boundaries
  • Barriers to implementing boundaries
  • Strategies to implement healthy boundaries

3-hour workshop

  • Trauma and difficulty controlling emotions
  • Building an emotional vocabulary
  • Identifying emotions
  • Holding conflicting emotions
  • Strategies to take control of your emotions
  • Trauma triggers and managing your emotions

Workshops for parents

3-hour workshop

  • Trauma overview
  • Trauma's impact on the social, emotional and academic development of kids and teens?
  • Traumatic stress response and trauma triggers
  • Strategies to support youth who've experienced trauma

July 18th 6:00PM-9:00PM PST


for adults

10-week workshop

  • Week 1 - Increasing health and wellness on your healing journey
  • Week 2 - Making sense of trauma and adversity
  • Week 3 - Generational trauma - how the trauma and adversity of previous generation affects us
  • Week 4 & 5 - Understanding the trauma stress response

  • Week 6 - Trauma, attachment and trauma bonds: Understanding why it’s hard to leave abusive relationships
  • Week 7 - Trauma, shame and the power of self-compassion
  • Week 8 - The impact of sexual abuse on intimacy
  • Week 9 & 10 - Navigating boundaries after trauma

Taller de 10 Semanas

  • Semana 1 - Aumentar la salud y el bienestar en su viaje de curación
  • Semana 2 - Dar sentido al trauma y la adversidad
  • Semana 3 - Trauma generacional: cómo nos afecta el trauma y la adversidad de la generación anterior
  • Semana 4 & 5 - Comprender la respuesta al estrés traumático parte

  • Semana 6 - Trauma, apego y vínculos traumáticos: comprender por qué es difícil dejar las relaciones abusivas
  • Semana 7 - Trauma, vergüenza y el poder de la autocompasión
  • Semana 8 - El impacto del abuso sexual en la intimidad
  • Semana 9 & 10 - Navegando los límites después del trauma

Psychological evaluation

Resilient Wellness of Texas LLC provides psychological assessments for adolescents and young adults who have experienced trauma and/or human trafficking. These assessments will help social service and behavioral health providers clarify the individual's diagnosis and learn more effective strategies to support individuals in therapy. Wellness recommendations will also be provided.

Therapy for individuals impacted by trauma

Resilient Wellness of Texas LLC provides individual and family therapy to adolescents and adults impacted by trauma. Therapy is rooted in a strength-based, relationship-focused, culturally relevant perspective. We want to help you navigate life after trauma. Services are currently provided virtually.

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